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Studio Policies

Functional Training

This studio teaches technical vocal function. The purpose of the training is to gradually develop coordination of the body and the voice, toward the goal of eventually singing with freedom and ease. Functional training develops vocal range, vowel sound accuracy, clear vocal production, accurate use of consonants, deliberate breathing, and the ability to vary volume as needed. These skills ultimately lead to healthy vocal use in both singing and speech, confidence in performing in front of others, and joy in making vocal music. 


If you would like to work on repertoire, please email me a pdf of the sheet music prior to the lesson time. If you don't have the sheet music, I can provide it for a fee. You should also have a copy of the sheet music either printed out or on a device. It’s necessary to use one device (i.e. your computer) for Zoom and another to play an accompanist track (i.e. iPad or cell phone). Some applications for finding accompanist tracks are Pianotrax, Appcompanist, and Youtube. We may also work on your song a capella. 

Lesson Space

One of the most important aspects of having a successful online lesson is finding a private space, free from distractions. Avoid common spaces in your home where family members or roommates convene. The ideal space is one in which you can sing as openly, freely, and loudly as you need, without concern.


Audio and Video

Please wear a pair of headphones connected to the computer; this helps prevent delay. An external USB microphone also improves sound quality but is not required. If possible, please connect your computer directly to the WiFi router with an ethernet cable or be as close to your WiFi router as possible.


It is also a good idea to silence notifications on all devices, especially the device you are using to make your online call.  


In order to improve, I encourage regular lessons. To get the most out of your vocal training, regular practice will yield optimal results. 

Practicing is different from simply singing in the shower or doing vocal warm-ups.  Practicing involves setting aside time for exercises and learning music, working in a systematic and focused way. Exercises that we do in the lessons are designed specifically for you and are not just warm-ups, but are important to develop your vocal technique.

You should also record your lessons and use them as a practice aid. Ideally, you would use a quiet, private place where there is a keyboard or a playback device in order to practice the exercises learned during the lesson.   

Cancellation and Lateness

This studio has a standard 24-hour cancellation/reschedule policy. If you must cancel or reschedule for any reason within 24 hours of your lesson time, you are responsible for the full fee.

A lesson begins and ends at the time you schedule. Because of limited openings, I cannot carry over your lesson time into my next student's scheduled time.

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